Turn your Patio into a Haven with these Wood Flooring Ideas


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9 Inviting outdoor flooring ideas

Many homeowners spend hours deciding on that perfect flooring for every room in their home, but hardly stop to consider various flooring options for their outdoor and patio spaces.

There are a plethora of different decking materials and styles to choose from, but modified wood ranks as one of the most valuable in terms of beauty and little to no maintenance. Compared to standard outdoor wood flooring and decking, modified wood has a much more rich appearance that you’d expect from quality interior wood flooring.

Here are 9 examples of wooden outdoor flooring inspiration to help you find which style best suits your home and outdoor spaces.

1. Create a seamless transition between interior and exterior flooring

Seamless outdoor flooring

(The Invisible House, by Lincoln Miles, photo by Julian Winslow)

The seamless transition trend in home design is more popular than ever as homeowners vie for their outdoor living spaces to be a fluid extension of their indoor entertaining areas. An excellent and surprisingly easy way of creating this illusion is to use very similar or even the same wood flooring indoors as you do outdoors. Modified wood is the perfect option for this as it can be used with equal success in indoor or outdoor applications. The glass walls here show just how lovely matched indoor and outdoor wood flooring can look.

2. Add a unique touch by meeting horizontal and vertical boards at corners

outdoor wood flooring

(Private terrace in Norway)

Wrap around porches are quite traditional and can be modernized with a unique wood flooring design. This wrap around floor has boards running horizontally along each wall face. Rather than having the one side or the other end abruptly, this homeowner instead had these boards meet diagonally. The end result is an eye-catching corner that also lends to the illusion of an extended deck.

3. Get the best of both worlds by mixing wood and stone flooring

wood and stone outdoor flooring

(Private Garden, by Villa Garden, photo by Heidi Hannus)

Wood and stone are two classic outdoor flooring options, both with a natural organic appeal. Rather than settling for one or the other, considering pairing wood flooring with stone or tile, to create a visually dynamic patio. Kebony modified wood looks beautiful alongside stone, and they will complement one another even more as the Kebony flooring ages to its characteristic silver patina. These two statement floor options add a lot of texture and dimension to a yard.

4. Attractively simple wood floors lend a chic, airy feel to rooftops

rooftop wood flooring

(Secret rooftop garden, by Ark Net As, photo by Jacob Buchard)

Rooftop decks are a perfect opportunity to use outdoor wood flooring. Consider keeping things simple with the floor and let the drama of having a bird’s eye view speak for itself. The deck featured above is a prime example of how to create a functional and stunning outdoor living area. The Kebony wood flooring is weathering to a silvery perfection and the choice of modern and minimalistic furniture sets the stage for entertaining. Keep in mind that when placing area rugs and large pieces of furniture on your outdoor wood flooring, the areas blocked from the sun will weather at a different rate than those with more direct sun exposure.

5. Warm wood flooring makes for a cozy and intimate dining space

wooden deck flooring

(Chelsea Flower Show, by Darren Saines, photo by Helen Fielding)

Large decks are nice, but for those working with a smaller patio space, you’ll find that outdoor wood flooring is a great way to create a stylish and intimate setting. When designing a small space efficiency is important and nothing develops character as quickly as the natural charm of real wood. Using real wood flooring for your patio lays the groundwork for a unique and meaningful outdoor living environment.

6. Wrap flooring around trees and natural features for an oasis effect

flooring around trees

(Private Terrace, photo by Salih Usta)

If you have a yard that has mature, shady trees already growing in it, we recommend you embrace the beauty of the natural work in your outdoor deck or patio. Rather than removing trees and other natural features, consider flooring around them instead. This Kebony wood floor flows smoothly around the resident trees, offering plenty of space for walking around and lounging while still getting plenty of natural shade under the sun. Modified wood is a good flooring choice for these situations as it performs well in environments that natural vegetation are subject to, like higher moisture levels.

7. Extend outdoor flooring to parking areas for easy access

extended outdoor flooring

(Summer Cabin with Ocean View, photo by Ketil Ring)

The beauty of an outdoor patio is that it can easily be extended to provide even more function for your space. For example, extending your wooden patio with a walkway to your parking area looks nicer and offers more comfortable footing than gravel or dirt..

8. Ditch the concrete and create a more natural landscape around your pool

wood flooring around the pool

(Private Terrace & Pool, photo by Ed Kingsford Photography)

For patios surrounding a pool concrete is a standard choice since it can be laid directly on the ground, however, you might be surprised to learn that you can have a natural, real wood deck just as easily with modified wood. Modified wood flooring, like Kebony, requires minimal ground clearance and performs incredibly well in areas with direct exposure to water. The landscape featured above has Kebony wood flooring throughout the outdoor dining space, covered lounge areas and around the pool. Plus modified wood is slip-resistant and cooler on bare feet than composites.

9. Create a peaceful atmosphere with coordinating flooring, railing and outdoor spa

wooden spa flooring

(Rooftop apartment with Kebony jacuzzi, by Homexo, photo by Studio Oslo)

With the right type of wood, you can create a very relaxing, modern atmosphere with the versatility to match whatever style of outdoor furniture you have. This apartment’s deck uses Kebony modified wood as outdoor flooring, railing, steps and spa cover, to establish a fluid and functional area that only emphasizes the beauty of the natural surrounding..

Outdoor wood flooring creates a charm and character that simply cannot be achieved with any other material. Kebony modified wood stands above standard wood, composites, concrete and pavers as a superior outdoor flooring option. Not only will you have an aesthetically-pleasing new entertaining space, but you also won’t have to worry yourself with laborsome upkeep like you might with other outdoor flooring options, giving you more time to relax and enjoy.