Exterior Home Design Trends for 2019


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Each year new trends emerge in every sort of interest along the spectrum: food, technology, fashion, television and especially design. Design trends have a huge impact on the environment we’re surrounded by whether you realize it or not.

A major focus of this area is home design.New design trends can dictate the way a home’s interior and exterior are designed. It can determine if a home will have a modern look, something more classic or something in between. It influences whether your appliances are stainless steel or black, if you have white trim or a dark contrast, or whether you build a deck rather than a patio. Trends are always evolving so keeping a mindful eye on what’s on the horizon is a good idea to make sure you’re considering every option for your home.

Here are just a few of the emerging exterior home design trends for 2019.

Choosing Better Materials Like Modified Wood


On many historic homes you’ll notice the use of simple wood siding on the exterior. While it did its job at creating a durable exterior to protect that within, it was very susceptible to damage from things like mold, moisture, rot and insects. With time and innovation, however, better real wood options have come into play that provide the wanted charm and character without the performance pitfalls of the past.

When it comes to exterior home design trends for 2019, modified wood will make more of an appearance on the home exterior. This kind of wood is specially designed to be long-lasting and durable so it will not have the same issues as traditional wood siding in terms of rot, mold growth and possible termite damage.

Beyond better performance, the design options when using modified wood are plentiful. It can be used as siding, decking, accent walls and even furniture. You can create what you want, without limit, by using modified wood.

Pick Something You Love and Rock It


For a very long time the model of a house has been quite standard when you think about it – choose a siding, add a stone or brick accent and top it off with a shingled roof. This is something that is so ingrained in home building that people have overlooked for decades how boring and overdone it is. Instead why not choose one material you absolutely love and create a unified masterpiece?

Using a single material, like wood, for both siding and roofing is a huge trend for 2019 that we’re very excited about! It pushes boundaries and forces you to be creative in unique was like varied roof pitch and orientation of wood siding planks. Expect to see some show stoppers on the block this year that choose to build boldly by keeping it simple.

The Resurgence of Good Craftsmanship


Somewhere along the way I think we lost sight of the value of taking the time to do things right and instead propelled the pursuit of doing them as quickly and cheaply as possible. This may have helped in a fast growing country, but it certainly didn’t produce quality and homes to marvel at. In 2019 we expect to see people once again taking the time to consider the value of good work.

Take these wooden louvers for example. These weren’t mass produced in a warehouse overseas, ordered online and installed in 30 minutes. They were built and crafted by someone who knows what they’re doing and takes pride in their work. And look at the result…functional, full of character and absolutely stunning!

Create a Spa-Like Outdoor Space


Over the years, we’ve seen a lifestyle shift and giving more priority to slowing down, taking time away from the rat race and focusing more on relaxation and “me” time. The beneficial impact this trend can have be substantial on overall health and happiness, so it makes sense that one of the emerging exterior home design trends for 2019 is to create a spa-like outdoor space.

This can easily done by working with the natural setting already surrounding your home and simply adding to it. A pool, small pond, or more greenery can all add a sense of serenity to any home’s exterior. When combined with natural wood decking and furniture, you might be surprised by how simple it is to create a spa-like outdoor space that nobody will ever want to leave.

Siding That is Dark, Bold and Impactful


For a long time, most homes had light colored sidings: beige, white, and light gray being most common. In 2019 however, that is expected to change with more home designs going with cooler, darker colors. Dark grays, navy and even black siding will begin making more of an appearance on homes.

By going with darker colors for a home’s exterior, the level of intensity and drama increases significantly. It creates a more interesting home even with a simple design. This home, for example, has no trouble standing out with the bold character and color of Kebony Shou Sugi Ban wood siding.

Continuing Trends


While there are plenty of new and emerging trends expected for 2019, there are also many continuing trends to keep in mind as well. These are the more classic exterior home design trends that never really lose popularity. Take for example neutral siding colors and simple trim work, with a little bit of contrast. Classic design trends like these can be used in combination with new hot commodities, like modified wood, to create a style all your own. In fact, by going away from the usual, it can make for a more interesting exterior, even if the colors remain light a neutral.

As the current year draws to a close, watch how new homes are built and how old ones are renovated. More than likely, these homes will feature some of these new and emerging trends in 2019. While these are not all of the exterior home design trends for 2019, they are sure to be some of the most popular and common exterior home trends you will see. Of course, those continuing trends will not be far behind, as good classic design never goes out of style.