The Click-In Cladding System Wins Three Awards in 2022



Kebony and GradConcept USA’s innovative Click-In Cladding System has recently won three incredible awards. The Click-In Cladding System launched at last year’s International Builders’ Show, with live demonstrations and opportunities for event attendees to test the product themselves. Over the past year, the system has been used on various cladding projects across the country for more efficient cladding installation.

The Click-In Cladding System is a rainscreen system that combines Kebony modified wood cladding with Grad® Concept’s aluminum rails and clips. This system creates the same clean, seamless, beautiful wood cladding customary of Kebony products in half the installation time. A custom cladding profile created for Kebony wood and Grad® Mini Rails locks Kebony cladding into place easily and precisely, greatly reducing the work required for a successful installation.

The Click-In Cladding System won the following three awards in 2022:

  1. The Architizer A+ Products Award – Popular Choice Winner for the Building Envelopes, Cladding, and Roofing Category
  2. Arch Products- Production Innovation Award
  3. Architectural Record Product of the Year– Best in Building Envelope Category


We are honored to have received these three amazing awards, and look forward to seeing how our customers use the Click-In Cladding System in 2023!