How to Install the Starter Strip when using Step-Clip for Kebony


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Installing the Starter Strip

  1. Locate the edge of the deck that is away from the structure and parallel to the orientation of the main deck boards. This edge will also be perpendicular to the deck joists.
  2. Measure and mark a location 21 3/4” from the outer rim joist. This will create a 1” overhang for the starter board. Snap a chalk line or line up a laser level across all of the joists along that path. Do not measure over each joist, the box joist will typically fluctuate causing your overall line to be uneven.
  3. Position the Step-Clip strips with one edge along the 21 3/4” line. If creating a picture frame, do not place a strip on the outer rim joist.
  4. Use the provided coil of roofing nails and secure 2 nails for each pair of clips located within
    1” of each clip. That’s a total of 8 nails per each full Step-Clip strip.

    • The side tabs on all of the strips should be orientated on the same side of the joists and flush against the joist to allow for proper alignment and linking subsequent strips together.
  5. Once the first row of strips is secured on each joist, trim the overhang of the first row of Step-Clip strips flush with the outer rim joist.

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