Step-Clip for Kebony Framing Guidelines


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Step-Clip for Kebony Framing Guidelines

  • Whether you are redecking an existing frame, or starting with a brand new frame, your entire frame including interior joists should be square and level within ⅛” or 3mm.
  • Start away from the structure and work towards it so any boards that need to be ripped lengthwise are against the home or structure.
  • Each board must be secured across a minimum of 2 spans. This means that each board must be secured to a minimum of three joists.
  • Boards that run perpendicular to the primary boards, such as feature boards or picture framing boards, require additional framing and shimming.
  • You must install the deck boards at a 90 degree angle to the joists. Diagonal boards are not allowed with the Step-Clip for Kebony system. If you want to install your Kebony decking at an angle, you can use the Fastenator Hidden Clip system, Pro Plug System for Kebony or face-fasten the boards using stainless steel screws.
  • Inline boards or butt joints require a sister joist the length of a Step-Clip strip. In most cases, this means you will need to add a sister joist that supports a full Step-Clip strip. Sharing a Step-Clip strip between two inline boards is not allowed because there isn’t adequate support for each board.

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