From the Pros: Using Kebony for Marinas


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Gregory Weykamp of Edgewater Resources has selected Kebony modified wood for several marina projects across the midwest and Great Lakes regions over the past ten years. The specialty design firm focuses on marinas and waterfronts, making material specifications one of their foremost priorities.

“You have to think life cycle. You have to think cradle to grave with the whole product.”
-Gregory Weykamp, Edgewater Resources

Take a look at this video to see Kebony Clear featured on Washington Park Marina, South Haven Marina, and Inn at Harbor Shores Marina. Weykamp explains in the video how the stability of Kebony and how it withstands the maritime elements without requiring constant board replacement makes it an ideal material choice for waterfront areas. The sustainable manufacturing of Kebony is another highlight for Edgewater Resources, and this quality along with the product’s value and aesthetic are what sets it apart from other wood materials used for marinas.