5 Fall Decks That Make Us Feel Warm and Cozy



Sweaters, cooler weather, and pumpkin spice lattes are finally back in season, because fall is here! We look forward to spending time outdoors in the crisp fall air all year long, and having an outdoor gathering space is essential for this. Kebony decking provides a sustainable, durable option for your decking project, that is resistant to weathering and rot. In addition, it can help create a stunning outdoor space that highlights the natural surroundings it inhabits. Keep reading for some drool-worthy fall deck inspiration!

1. Fulshear Modern Ranch Estate- Fulshear, Texas
View overlooking the pond from the patio deck at the Fulshear Modern Ranch Estate featuring Kebony Modified Wood Character Decking in Fulshear, Texas during a sunset

This modern ranch home in Fulshear, Texas was built on a pecan farm, and has two Kebony decks overlooking different areas of the property. One deck sits by the lake, and provides lovely views of the water. Another deck sits on the roof of the home, and people can look out over the polo fields adjacent to the property.

2. Pasadena Deck- South Pasadena, California
Closer view of a residence deck during the day that features Kebony Modified Wood Deck Board with Step-Clip Hidden Fasteners in South Pasadena, California

This residential deck project features the Kebony Deck Board with Step-Clip Fasteners to create a cozy and welcoming deck space with a commanding view of the Pasadena hills. Wrapping around the home, the deck offers several viewpoints from which to take in the beauty of the surroundings.

3. Wedgewood Deck- Seattle, Washington
View of the back patio deck featuring Kebony Modified Wood Clear Decking at this residential project in Seattle, Washington with trees in the background on a sunny day

Kebony Clear decking outfits this residential project in Seattle, Washington. The unique blend of cedar decking and aluminum railings work together to create a welcoming outdoor environment. The integrated light fixtures on the deck railings also bring another layer of comfort and enjoyment. The views of the pacific northwest foliage are just an added bonus!

4. Silvernails House- Rhinebeck, New York
Three-quarter view of the modern Silvernail's Family House property featuring Kebony Modified Wood Clear Cladding located in Rhinebeck, New York on a sunny day

Rhinebeck, NY is home to this idyllic family residence that overlooks ranches, pastures, and mountains surrounding it. Kebony wood was used for the cladding, decking, and roof of the house, providing a monolithic yet modern appearance. The views of the upstate New York landscape are incomparable, and having a cup of warm coffee on this deck seems like a dream!

5. Edmonds House- Animas Valley, New Mexico
Close up view on a sunny day of the Edmond's House outside patio deck overlooking the local landscapes and features Kebony Modified Wood Clear Rough Sawn and is located in Animals Valley, New Mexico

Some like their fall weather a little warmer, and it is important to note that there are still places with warm weather where you can enjoy some time outdoors during the fall season! The Edmonds House sits atop a bluff overlooking New Mexico’s Animas Valley. Kebony cladding and decking were selected for the project for their natural wood texture and ease of maintenance. The wrap-around deck boasts expansive views of the valley and the mountains in the distance.