Click-in Cladding System

Install A Lightning-Fast Wood Rainscreen

The Click-in Cladding™ System combines Kebony’s long-lasting wood cladding with the Grad® Mini Rail for a faster and more precise cladding install without the hassle and uncertainty of traditional hidden fastening methods.

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Click-in Cladding™ is a new rainscreen system that utilizes a special cladding profile, expressly designed for the Grad™ Mini Rail system, which precisely locks the Kebony Cladding Board into place quickly and easily

Grad and Kebony have had a long-held partnership in Europe. Grad™ Concept’s parent company has been in business 170+ years and has a proven track record with Kebony products for more than a decade. Now, we are selling our products together as a complete system for the first time in North America.


  • Proven, easy-to-install rail system
  • Super-fast, click-in installation
  • Built-in rainscreen air space
  • Patented rail design
  • Long-lasting wood cladding
  • In-stock and ready to ship anywhere in the USA


Installation Guide

What do builders think?

Experienced builder, Adam Harrison, shares his thoughts on the Click-in Cladding System (Grad for Kebony) compared to his recent Kebony shiplap installation.

Kebony Cladding Board

One Board Designed for Multiple Aesthetics

Our Clear grade Cladding Board was designed to give you the look you want without being overwhelmed with custom profile options. The grooves on the back of the board fit seamlessly with the Grad™ rail system, giving you the option of installing the board vertically or horizontally with two popular gap sizes to choose from.


  • Up to 35 year warranty against rot
  • No maintenance required
  • Fades to silver-gray patina when left unfinished
  • In stock, no custom milling required
  • One board with 2 gap size options


1×6 Clear Cladding Board (#2682)
Actual Dimensions: 13/16″ x 5 11/16″
Lengths: 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′

Spec Sheet

1×8 Clear Cladding Board (#2683)
Actual Dimensions: 13/16″ x 7 31/64″
Lengths: 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′

Spec Sheet

Grad™ Mini Rail

Grad™ Mini Rail clips are factory-placed in position, so the installer simply fastens the rails onto the sheathing or vapor barrier and snaps the boards on. The rails create a natural air gap so there’s no need to install furring strips ahead of time.

Based on the desired aesthetic, Mini Rails come in two different gap sizes and can be installed vertically or horizontally.


  • Patented clips pre-mounted on aluminum rails
  • Uniform spacing for the perfect look
  • Built-in air gap behind the boards
  • A true hidden fastening system
  • 50% faster installation time
  • Made of 100% recyclable aluminum and POM (polyoxymethylene)
  • No pre-drilling of the boards or rails required

Mini Rail Options

1×6 w/Narrow Gap (G2171)
Gap Spacing: 5/32″ (similar to nickel gap)
Rail Length: Approx. 6 ft.
190 sf/box (16″ OC spacing)
285 sf/box (24″ OC spacing)

Spec Sheet

1×6 w/Wide Gap (G2172)
Gap Spacing: 17/64″ (similar to shiplap)
Rail Length: Approx. 6 ft.
190 sf/box (16″ OC spacing)
285 sf/box (24″ OC spacing)

Spec Sheet

1×8 w/Narrow Gap (G2173)
Gap Spacing: 1/4″
Rail Length: Approx. 6 ft.
180 sf/box (16″ OC spacing)
275 sf/box (24″ OC spacing)

1×8 w/Wide Gap (G2174)
Gap Spacing: 3/8″
Rail Length: Approx. 6 ft.
180 sf/box (16″ OC spacing)
275 sf/box (24″ OC spacing)


Grad™ Spacing Template
Included in your Mini Rail box will be a spacing template. This tool is placed between an existing rail and the next rail to keep alignment and gap spacing uniform across the project.

Grad™ Riser Support
For roof lines or short runs, you can use the riser support to maintain the correct gap between the stud and the board. The riser support has an opening so you can face fasten the board using the Pro Plug® system for Kebony.


Where are the Mini Rails manufactured?


Does water get trapped behind the Mini Rail when it’s placed horizontally?

We won’t need to worry about trapped water for several reasons: (1) the aluminum rail and plastic clips don’t absorb water like wood furring strips, (2) the board is not in contact with the rail – only the clip – so water and air can still pass between the board and rail, (3) the rail itself is not thick enough to trap enough water to cause an issue, and (4) the air gap will make sure that any water that is trapped will dry fast.

What’s the size of the air gap between the board and wall?

12mm or 0.47”

What types of fasteners are required?

You can use 316 Stainless Steel Ring-shank nails for a pneumatic nail gun (best option) or self-tapping 316 stainless steel screws designed for use with aluminum.

What grade of aluminum is used for the rails? 


What are the clips made of?

POM (Polyoxymethylene). Typical applications for POM include high-performance engineering components like small gear wheels, ski bindings, fasteners, gun parts, lock systems, or automotive parts. It has an operating temperature range of -40 °F to 160 °F.

Are any of the materials recyclable? 

Yes! Both the POM clips and the aluminum rails are recyclable.

How long has this product been on the market?

Although the Grad Mini Rail is new to the US market, Kebony and Grad Concepts have been used together for more than ten years in Europe.

Is the Click-in Cladding System WUI certified?

Not yet, but we are going through the testing process.

What is the coverage for a box of mini rails?

24” O.C. Spacing = ~285 SF

16” O.C. Spacing = ~ 190 SF

Can the Grad Mini Rail be used for decking?

No, the Mini Rail currently designed for cladding applications only.  However, Grad Concepts does have rail and clip system solutions for decking. For more info, you can contact Grad Concepts USA:

Go to Grad website.

What is the fire rating for multi-family residential?

The required fire rating is determined by the construction type and the local building codes. It’s the responsibility of the architect to determine this. Our basic fire rating is established by ASTM E84 as Class B. That typically means the use is limited to structures approximately 40’ high.

What’s the wind load rating?

We are currently testing the wind load rating for use in hurricane zones or other areas with strict WLR requirements. If you have a specific test requirement based on your city or county, please let us know:

Email Us.

How well will the aluminum last in a corrosive saltwater environment?

Specific testing hasn’t been done on this grade of aluminum, but the rail has a painted coating on the exposed face and is very well protected from the elements by the wood cladding.

The clip broke off the rail, what do I do?

The clips are designed to snap unto the rail and not move. If one breaks off and if still usable, you can simply snap it back in place. If it’s not usable, you use a riser clip in its place. Make sure you place the clip is the exact same location so it will click into the board.

How close can we place a Mini Rail to a corner?

The Mini Rail should to be 4″ or less from the corner. We don’t recommend extending the end of the board further than 4″ from the rail.

What’s the gap spacing between the cladding and the trim? 

Kebony swells very little lengthwise, but it can swell up to 4% in width. So if the trim is running parallel with the board, allow for swelling in the gap size. We recommend using a similar gap size as your Mini Rail (roughly a 1/4″ or an 1/8″ depending in the rail) to account for swelling and keep the overall aesthetic of the project.

Kebony Clear

Kebony Clear is a neat, sophisticated wood with a subtle grain that is free of knots.

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