Kebony Character Cladding

Knotty by nature, strength and stability by design.

The knotty grain of Kebony Character cladding gives your project a rustic feel at a value-conscious price. Kebony character goes through the same modification process and comes with the same 30-year warranty as Kebony Clear.

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Character products should not be further machined, or split, as untreated heartwood will be exposed. However, they can be cross-cut to length. After cross-cutting, the exposed ends should be treated with a wood preservative to ensure proper protection.

Available Profiles

1×6 Character 90 Degree Shiplap (#2216)
Actual Dimensions: 21 x 148 mm
Lengths: 3.2 m – 5.3 m (subject to availability)

Spec Sheet

Kebony Character

Kebony Character is a rich, authentic wood with strong grain and natural knots.

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