5 Projects That Get Us Excited For Fall



Fall is here, and we couldn’t be more excited! Leaves are changing color, the air is getting crisp, and there is no better time to be outside taking in the beauty nature provides. Kebony modified wood is an ideal selection for outdoor cladding and decking projects that are designed to complement their natural surroundings. Take a look at these 5 projects featuring Kebony wood for some seasonal inspiration!

1. Silvernails House– Kebony Clear Cladding

Overlooking the ranches, pastures, and mountains of upstate New York, this family residence in Rhinebeck is the definition of fall inspiration. The Kebony rainscreen cladding on the exterior will fade into a grey patina over time that will further complement the natural environment.

2. Wood Screen House– Kebony Clear Cladding

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, this single family residence boasts a uniquely stunning exterior composed of three wooden screens. The light that pours through the screens, combined with Kebony Clear cladding and beautiful Tennessee foliage, is a seasonal dream.

3. Morris Island Residence– Kebony Clear Cladding

This private residence in Morris Island, Massachusetts was recently renovated for a more contemporary appearance and more living space for the owners. Surrounded by trees on all sides, the home is a fall vision.

4. The Dower House– Kebony Clear Cladding

Fall in New England is the quintessential seasonal experience. This Sheffield, Massachusetts home is nestled in a serene forest clearing. Its large windows are perfect for viewing the idyllic outdoor surroundings.

5. Wedgewood Deck– Kebony Clear Decking

This residential deck project in Seattle, Washington features a blend of cedar posts, Kebony decking, and aluminum railings that work together to create a welcoming outdoor environment. Can you imagine enjoying the views of the Pacific Northwest from this beautiful deck?