45 Inspiring Wood Deck Design Ideas


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Wood deck design ideas

Wood is the number one preferred material for decking according to the majority of home and business owners surveyed. Wood decking has a natural beauty and a warm, inviting appeal that enhances whatever area it’s installed near. Wood is also incredibly versatile, allowing you a number of different options for style, design and use. These wood decking ideas will help you get a sense of how easy it is to create a beautiful and sustainable design using wood.

1. Patio and Pool Decking

woo deck 2Photo by Christopher Lawson

Outdoor living areas greatly enhance your property, by providing a comfortable area to enjoy many different activities outside. This residential property features several different outdoor areas including a dining area, pool, outdoor kitchen and sauna. To connect all of these spaces in an attractive and organic way they used sustainable wood decking which gives a sense of peace and tranquility, while also providing the durability the space needs.

2. Nail the Transition

wood deck 3Photo by Tommy Bahama

One of the hottest trends in building design right now is creating a space that can be considered both indoor and outdoor. To make this happen you need to find the right material that can perform in both spaces to make the transition seamless. This popular Hawaiian restaurant used wood decking to create a harmonious flow from the inside out.

3. Furniture and Decking Combined

4-2 wood deckPhoto by Nils Petter Dale

This outdoor water park uses modified wood as both decking and functional lounging pieces. By using a versatile material, like wood, they were able to successfully create a seamless and attractive outdoor gathering area that will be able to weather the environmental surroundings.

4. Beautiful Function

wook deck 5

While in the midst of renovation, this restaurant sought an eco-friendly product that could be used for exterior decking as well as interior features. By using sustainable, modified wood they were able to achieve a strikingly beautiful outdoor patio, winding wooden walkways and coordinating furniture for inside.

5. Multi-Level Decking

wood deck 6

One of the reasons why natural wood decking is so popular is the way that it combines with other materials such as stone and concrete. This hotel uses deck wood not only on their patio seating area, but on the smaller terraces and balconies off the rooms themselves. The result is a building that transcends its different materials to become a work of art.

6. Perfect Match

wood deck 7

Sometimes the best timber for outdoor decking is the kind that can perfectly match the rest of your home as well. This home uses the same natural wood for its cladding and decking. The result is an optical illusion that makes it difficult to tell where the house ends and the decking begins.

7. Decking as Seating

Photo by Simon Meyer

This park has created a unique, long seating area by creating a bench out of deck wood. The same wooden deck timber that is so attractive to home and business owners is used to create a one-of-a-kind seating area that blends form and function beautifully into one, sculptural piece.

8. A Nod to the Past

When it was time to give this park a new look, the designers wanted to acknowledge its maritime past. Natural wood decking overlooking the river creates a warm, weathered appearance that complements both the new use of the space and its history.

9. Outdoor Living

wood deck 10Photo by Helen Fielding

It’s becoming more common for homeowners and builders to begin looking at how the exterior of a space can be used more like the interior. In this case, the outdoor wood decking is meant to complement both the outdoors and the way that people want to use the area.

10. Floating Wood Deck

wood deck 11Photo by Urban Front

These contemporary beach houses used floating foundations to help give them the stability and modern flair at once. To complement them, the same timber wood cladding was used to build a floating wood deck off the back. The clear deck wood weathers to match the cladding, complementing the beach setting.

11. Unexpected Placement

wood deck 01

Many people may find a deck located in a parking lot a bit out of place, however this public space thought it was a perfect spot for an outdoor seating area and we think they were right. By using natural wood decking for this unique installation, a warm and inviting space was created among the concrete and steel, inviting those around to have a seat, unwind and enjoy the view of the city they love. This unexpected deck placement should serve as inspiration for us all to think outside of the box when creating outdoor spaces.

12. Private Terrace

wood deck 12

Wood deck designs come in all shapes, sizes and styles. In this case, the wooden deck extends from the house outward to create a private retreat for the residents. The wide wood planking helps to create a platform that defines the area, setting it apart slightly from the rest of the yard.

13. Raising Decking Platforms

wood deck 13Photo by Urban Elements

Wood decking doesn’t have to be confined to merely horizontal or flat surfaces. This urban park makes great use of the same wood decking they’ve used to create a platform to also create several raised seating structures as well, perfect for climbing, seating and viewing.

14. Outdoor Seating

wood deck 14

Wood decking is so versatile, it can be used not only to create structures such as decks and platforms, but also to create the seating you place on them as well. This cantilevered bench is made of the same modified wood for decks, with a concrete base that makes it versatile, sturdy and beautiful.

15. Multi-Layered Design

wood deck 15

With this kindergarten built on a hill, the decking needed to mount the vertically inclined space, while providing plenty of flat surfaces to play on. In this case, the wood deck construction is made up of multiple levels, including ramps, benches, steps and walls all made of the same beautiful wood to give it a continuous, organic appearance.

16. Platform Deck Design

wood deck 16Photo by Pasi Aalto

The wooden deck timber used to create this deck also helps to support the home as well. This wooden deck platform is built right into the surrounding nature, lifted slightly from the ground to create an outdoor living area that serves multiple purposes.

17. Transitional Decking

wood deck 17

The wood decking used in this project creates a transitional space between the interior and exterior. The overhang of the hotel above is clad in the same natural material, mirroring the wood deck below. This fosters a smooth transition from the outdoors to within.

18. Complementary Materials

wood deck 18

One of the most beautiful things about real wood decking is its ability to blend with so many other materials. In this project, the wood decking is butted up against other natural materials such as grass and soil to allow the users to get right up close and personal with the garden surrounds.

19. Contemporary Design

wood deck 19

Decks don’t have to be an addition to the home or yard; they can be built right into the house plan from the beginning. This contemporary home uses the same natural, modified wood for both decking and cladding. Making the transition from home to deck smooth, subtle and breathtaking.

20. Durable Pool Decking

wood deck 20Photo by Ed Kingsford Photography

Pool decks have particular needs that go beyond traditional decking. Therefore, the best wood to use for a deck that will be surrounding a pool is a modified wood that has been treated to withstand moisture and wear. Modified wooden pool decks feel soft and cool underfoot, unlike composite decks, and serve as an incredibly durable platform that won’t require replacement.

21. Sunken Deck

wood deck 21

Sometimes it’s the illusion of privacy that can make a deck area appealing. In this case, the deck wood is set lower than the surrounding bricks, creating a private deck retreat that’s still open to allow users the chance to take in the view.

22. Decking Walkway

wood deck 22

The outdoor decking surrounding this museum helps to lead visitors around grounds to an outdoor seating area where they can continue to enjoy the scenery. The natural wood decking makes a beautiful contrast to the glass and steel cables, while complementing the water and the wooden boats nearby.

23. Blending Interiors and Exteriors

wood deck 23Photo by Julian Winslow

This house was built to be open to the outdoors, utilizing large plate glass windows around its perimeter. The natural wood decking on the exterior helps make a natural transition from the wood floors within.

24. Brilliant Curves

wood deck 24

This restaurant is very unique in the shape of its roof, which is made of the same natural wood material as the decking. To keep the two areas from competing with one another and overwhelming the space, the planks of the decking are laid in an opposing direction to the roofing boards to create a cohesive design that is anything but boring.

25. Upper Story Deck

wood deck 25Photo by Kontur, Lasse Haldrup Juul

Most often when we think of decks we picture something close to ground level, however this wood-clad passive house chose to take advantage of the natural views and build a second store wood deck. In addition to decking and cladding, they were also able to use the same wood for railing, which adds to the natural beauty of the building and likely saved the owner a little money.

26. Versatile Garden Pool Deck

wood deck 26Photo by Salih Usta

This home’s unique design blends the lines between their pool and garden. This makes the switch from pavers to wood decking boards feel natural, and as though you’re entering another section of the yard altogether. The natural wood decking complements the surroundings of the pool and garden, creating a more cohesive design.

27. Pedestrian Walkway

wood deck 27Photo by Salih Usta

The natural wood decking that many people use in their homes makes a unique and inviting pedestrian walkway between these two embassy buildings. Adding warmth to the concrete buildings and the steel cables of the walkway, the wood decking provides a bold statement that really catches the eye.

28. Multi-Directional Decking

wood deck 28

If you’re ever worried about your wood deck appearing boring in its design, try changing the direction of the boards, like this academy did, to create an unexpected and fun optical appeal. This subtle design choice helps lend interest and dimension to what would otherwise be a plain and utilitarian deck.

29. Clean Lines

wood deck 29Photo by do man o menos – Eduardo Nascimento, Joâo Fôja

The pool at this vineyard’s hotel has a very structured shape that contrasts the organic look and feel of its surroundings. The natural wood decking creates a beautiful transition by mirroring the lines of the pool, while matching the beauty of the vineyard beyond.

30. Eco-Friendly Design

wood deck 30Photo by Olnhausen Design

What do you use to build a marina that will be housing boats made of recycled plastic and powered by solar power? Sustainable and eco-friendly deck materials made from modified softwoods. Softwoods grow at a much more rapid rate than hardwoods, and yet modified wood performs just as well as tropical hardwood, making it a smart and sustainable choice.

31. Circular Decking

wood deck 31Photo by Anders Bergôn

This circular home was designed to meet passive house criteria, but that doesn’t mean that the occupants won’t want to enjoy their time outdoors as well. This circular deck rings the upper story of the home, making the perfect place to relax both inside and out.

32. Playground Decking

wood deck 32Photo by VEGA Allesandro Merati

What is wrong with simple? Nothing. That’s what we thought. This wooden playground features simple structures for kids to play on that empower them to use their own imaginations, instead of staring at a digital screen. For this reason wooden playgrounds are becoming more and more popular among parents. In addition, wood is both economical and durable, so these installation are viewed favorably by parks departments as well.

33. Minimalist Decking

wood deck 33Photo by Basecamp Explorer

This safari lodge needed a deck where visitors could relax and enjoy the view without frills. Natural wood decking makes that possible by providing a clean, minimalist surface that blends in beautifully with its surroundings, allowing guests to feel as though they are part of nature.

34. Decking Pathways

wood deck 34-2Photo by Blue Forest

These tree houses were designed to complement the setting they were placed in, which means that the deck wood needs to do the same. In this case, the decking creates pathways that lead people in and among the trees to the various houses and seating.

35. Nature Retreat

Photo by Andrew Devine

The best wood to use for a deck that’s going to be placed right into the middle of nature, is a material that can withstand whatever is thrown at it, while remaining beautiful for many years to come. This modified wood decking matches the cladding on the homes and other structures, creating a soft, organic appearance that highlights the beauty of the retreat.

36. Nostalgic Perfection

wood deck 36Photo by Julien Aksoy

Beach homes and docks are often associated with weathered wood that has been softened in appearance by years of exposure to the sun, sand and sea. That’s why this beach club created its building, deck and walkways out of a natural wood decking that would weather in the same way, creating a nostalgic atmosphere for everyone that visits.

37. Miniature Decks

wood deck 37Photo by BRANDTRAIN

This multi-home building features several small decks for each private living space. The wood decking matches the natural wood cladding used elsewhere on the building, creating a unique optical illusion of sorts.

38. Sustainable Design

wood deck 38Photo by Mike Haran

When you’re creating a sustainably minded kindergarten, you need to look ahead to the future of the materials as well. This durable, eco-friendly decking material is the perfect complement to create a courtyard for children to play, that will last indefinitely.

39. Organic Design

wood deck 39Photo by Märchenhotel Bellevue

This hotel wants its guests to feel as though they’ve entered into a fairy tale. So only natural wood decking materials would do for creating a walkway alongside the pool. The warmth of the wood makes a beautiful contrast to the concrete of the pool, softening the area’s appearance and lending itself to fun fairy tale adventure.

40. Step Down Decking

wood deck 40Photo by Heidi Hannus

This private terrace is surrounded by gardens and stone walls to give the space peace and privacy. To blend the two areas, the wood deck steps down on either side between the stone, leading softly into the garden.

41. A Private Retreat

wood deck 41

This private terrace is built on the backside of the home, overlooking the sea. Completely hidden from view, the wood decking blends easily with the natural outcropping of rocks in the center of the deck’s design, and provides plenty of private nooks and crannies to escape to.

42. Wooden Ramp Walkways

wood deck 42Photo by Simon Jeppesen

As mentioned before, playgrounds should encourage imagination, exploration and physical activity. In this wooden playground, wood decking is used to create ramps and walkways that lead children through its many levels and layers, stimulating excitement and fun.

43. Public Recreation

wood deck 43Photo by Anthony Hill Photography

This urban park features natural wood not only as decking and stair but also as a place to sit and relax. The triangular design of the seating areas creates a unique and interesting piece that really draws attention to itself.

44. Harmony with Nature

wood deck 44Photo by Salih Usta

Building a deck doesn’t have to mean competing with what was already there. This private terrace is built right around the trees that grow in the yard, providing a natural canopy and shade.

45. No Boundaries

wood deck 45Photo by Ketil Ring

This outdoor wood deck matches the loveliness of the homes exterior wood cladding, which together pay tribute to the natural beauty of the area. With no railing along the deck, there’s no barrier of entry to enjoy the beach and ocean view that exist just beyond the deck.

There are countless wood deck ideas out there. Let these help you find your way to create your own personal wood deck designs, and start building your own private retreat.