8 Wood Walkway and Pathway Ideas to Enhance your Landscape


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Wooden walkway – 8 wood walkways and pathways ideas

Good landscaping can add as much as 20 percent to a property’s value. Part of that landscaping includes a way to access it, whether through walkways, paths or cultivated areas. Many people make great use of the area close to their home or building by installing wooden decks and then end up using a different landscape element to connect other areas of the space. However, by using wood decking for more than just the deck itself, like walkways, you may actually be able to save money, lessen the maintenance requirements and add greater dimension to your landscape’s design.

Wooden walkways and pathways are a viable alternative to things like gravel or pavers, and can help give you a beautiful, durable and maintenance free landscape that complements the rest of your property. These eight ideas for wood walkways and paths will help give you a better idea of what’s possible for your property.

1. Wooden Sidewalk

wood walkway 01

This arboretum needed a walkway that would lead guests down to seating and viewing areas by the water. A wood plank walkway complements the deck, while adding contrast to the metal railings and fences. Over time, the wood weathers to a beautiful silver gray that works well with the setting and surrounding nature. Arboretums are well known for their beautiful plants and foliage; using a natural wood walkway instead of concrete or stone helps to call better attention to the setting that the walkway is situated in.

2. Terrace Walkways

wood walkway 02

The outdoor dining area at this restaurant is surrounded by gravel, sand and water. A deck and walkway was needed to facilitate guests moving around the property and reaching the beach below, while complementing the beauty of the natural environment. They did so by building a series of wooden walkways from the same material as the deck; a modified softwood that will withstand the moisture in the sea air. Over time, the planks will take on a graceful, weathered appearance that will complement the beach setting, similar to the color of driftwood that’s been worn and washed by the sea. Natural beauty and superior performance characteristics were a must for this large deck and expanse of various walkways, making modified wood the right fit.

3. A Private Retreat

wood walkway 03

This home made the most of its yard and landscaping by featuring a very large wooden deck from which they can enjoy the outdoor setting. Winding around the property and framed with smooth river stones to contrast the wood, is a deck walkway that is flush with the ground. The wood structure’s clean lines mirror the ones of the home itself, to keep with the modern design create and yet add a sense of character and warmth.

4. Pool Deck Paths

wood walkway 04Photo by Ed Kingsford Photography

The deck surrounding this private, residential pool is made of a beautiful, modified wood that has been technologically enhanced to achieve extreme durability levels and incredibly low maintenance requirements. To give the yard more versatility, the same wood is used to create wooden pathways leading to and from the home and other areas of entertainment. The way that the paths flow from the deck encourages natural exploration and fun. Furthermore the wood used, complements the trees and greenery perfectly, creating their own private paradise.

5. Mixed Materials

wood walk 5Photo by Salih Usta

This yard helps to showcase how different materials can be mixed when adding onto a space without feeling disconnected or out of place. Traditional patio pavers were used for the seating area near to the villa. However, when it came time to build the walkway and deck that was to surround the pool and spa, modified wood was chosen instead of concrete pavers. A decision most likely made for modified woods superior performance in applications prone to water and sun exposure, without requiring consistent upkeep. The result is a functional space with a clean, contemporary look that blends well with the rest of the landscaping.

6. Contemporary Wood Walkway

wood walkway 06Photo by do mal o menos – Eduardo Nascimento, João Fôja

The biggest features and most attractive view at this hotel are the vineyards that surround it. For that reason, the pool area is open to the vineyards on all sides to allow for better viewing while you sunbathe or swim. To contrast the natural disorder and the roughness of the surrounding landscaping and to give the area a more contemporary look, the pool and the surrounding deck are kept very geometric in shape and structure. In a continuation of these structured lines, a long wooden walkway leads up to the pool from the hotel, completing the contemporary design.

7. Playground Paths

wood walkway 07Photo by VEGA Allesandro Merati

Children need places to run, climb and play that are durable and easy to maintain over time. This versatile wooden playground makes great use of the same wood planks to create decks, climbing structures and wooden pathways for running and exploring. The wooden pathways encourage children to move from one section of the playground to another, safely, leading them to each one of the climbing structures. At the same time, the wooden walkways construction elevates them slightly, adding additional degrees of fun, balance and movement to the playground.

8. Levels of Walkways

wood walkway 08Photo by Simon Jeppesen

Ramps, paths, structures and the ability to test your environment is what makes this wooden playground so appealing. Children are able to move around the different levels and structures on the same durable, non-toxic wooden walkways. The playground features multiple levels of wooden paths that are very spirited in their design. The wooden paths lead seamlessly up ramps, into and around the various structures. Plus the wood provides a more stable footing for running and play, ensuring safety while encouraging physical movement and fun.

Enhance Your Landscaping with Wooden Walkways

No matter how meticulously you garden or plan your landscaping, it won’t be complete unless people have a way to access it. By building wooden walkways or paths through your landscaping, you encourage use of the area, drawing people along the planks to take in their surroundings in a more personal way. Whether you need to direct guests to a certain area of the yard or create a space for natural exploration, a wooden walkway can accomplish your goals beautifully; enhancing both the look and function of your space.

Modified wood, like the Kebony used in these examples, is the best choice when adding a walkway to your yard. Kebony enables you to enjoy your space more, without requiring heavy upkeep and the natural wood complements whatever setting you’re building in.