What Builders Say About Kebony: Santiago Macedo and David Wersebe


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“We really liked how [Kebony] turned into the grayish patina later on… it had a little bit of character.”
-Santiago Macedo, The Fulshear House Project Manager

Santiago Macedo, David Wersebe, and the other members of the Fulshear House development team thoughtfully and intentionally selected each material used for the design of the home. When it came to choosing the perfect exterior cladding, they were looking for something unique and durable that would seamlessly complement the surrounding landscape. They decided on Kebony Character cladding, which helped them to achieve the country-modern aesthetic they envisioned.

The combination of stone, wood, and steel used on the exterior of The Fulshear House is what makes it so beautifully interesting. Kebony is brown upon installation, but over time develops a lovely silver-gray patina. At all stages of its life, the cladding will perfectly complement the stone and steel used in a modern but natural style.

“[Kebony] makes it different, and we needed this house to be different.”
-David Wersebe, The Fulshear House Designer and Developer

In addition to its appearance, Kebony is a more sustainable option than other hardwoods and has a 30-year warranty that guarantees an extended life. These factors were also considered when Kebony was selected for The Fulshear House. Wersebe explained that sustainability and durability are marketable qualities of Kebony that the team felt comfortable promoting.

Watch the video to hear everything Macedo and Wersebe have to say about working with Kebony to complete The Fulshear House!