What is Grad for Kebony?



Grad for Kebony is a Click-in Wood Cladding™ system that marries Kebony and Grad Concept USA’s aluminum mini-rail system for simple and efficient installation. Kebony Grad cladding comes in two gap profiles, includes a built-in rainscreen air space, and can be installed horizontally or vertically. The Grad for Kebony system simplifies the installation process while still delivering a stunning finished product.

In addition to decreasing cladding installation time by 50%, Grad for Kebony also requires fewer materials and less labor for installation. The boards and rails require no pre-drilling, which makes Grad for Kebony the perfect product for larger projects that would typically take more time to complete.

Kebony and Grad Concept USA have been in partnership in the EU for over 10 years, connecting on product values such as sustainability and durability. We are excited to be expanding our partnership into North America to launch the innovative Grad for Kebony system!

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