How to Install a Starter Kebony Deck Board using Fastenator Hidden Clips


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Installing the Starter Board

  1. Locate the edge of the deck that is away from the structure and parallel to the orientation of the main deck boards. This edge will also be perpendicular to the deck joists.
  2. Place a single-grooved board on the outer edge with the grooved side facing inwards. The outer edge of the board should hang over the outer rim joist by 1 inch.
  3. Screw down the outer edge of the board at each joist location using #8 stainless steel screws or the Pro Plug System for Kebony. When face-fastening, always pre-drill.
  4. Place a Fastenator Hidden Fastener in the groove of the board at every joist and fasten the screw down to the clip without securing the board down completely. A 3/16” gap is automatically maintained by the Fastenator clip.

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