How to Install Fascia Boards using the Kebony Deck Board


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Installing the Kebony Deck Board as a Fascia Board

If your outer rim joist is between a 2×10 and 2×12, you can use two rows of Kebony Deck Boards to cover the unsightly joist. We recommend using the double-grooved board for the top row and the single-grooved board for the bottom row.

  1. Place the double-grooved board on the top edge of the joist ¼ inch from the top.
  2. Using #8 Stainless Steel screws or the Pro Plug System for Kebony, put two screws every 24” keeping the screws 1 inch from the sides of the board. When face-fastening, always pre-drill.
  3. Place the single-grooved board ¼ inch below the double-grooved board with the groove facing up and repeat the process.

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