How to Install Inner Kebony Deck Boards using Fastenator Hidden Clips


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Adding Deck Boards

  1. Once the starter board and first set of clips are in place, slide the first double-grooved board in place and install a single Fastenator Clip at one end of the board to hold it in place.
  2. While standing on the new board with your feet positioned on either side of a joist, pound the board tight with a non-marring rubber mallet using a 2×4 or scrap board inbetween as a spacer.
  3. Once you have a secure connection, install the Fastenator Clip on each joist by fastening the screw down to the clip without securing the board completely. Use shims if joists are uneven to ensure a level surface.
  4. Go back to the Fastenator Clips between the starter board and second board and screw the clips down until the boards are completely secure.
  5. Repeat this process for the remaining boards and be sure to stop every three boards to check the boards are still square with the joists.

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