De Rekke School is a Belgian school in the town of Stabroek. The town is 775 years old, and has a long tradition of excellence in education. The school was built before World War I, and is a pillar in the community. The new addition using Kebony cladding brings in light and nature, which is very important to the educational culture of the school. It also allows for the community to use the new gym and dance studio.

De Rekke has been a central part of the Stabroek community for over 100 years and when it was time to expand the campus with a new 8,600 sq ft. addition, they brought in Architect Bruno Dekoning to design. With sustainability at the heart of the new design, the new wing includes Solar Panels, a geothermal heating/cooling system, a green roof and Kebony Character Cladding surrounding the entire top half of the new addition.