Kebony clear boardwalk was used for the decking of 68 seasonal docks at the Marina at Harbor Shores of St. Joseph, Michigan, USA. The docks range from 35-40 feet in length and the broadside docking will hold transient vessels up to 200 feet in length. Edgewater, the designer and developer of the project, aimed to create a marina that would be beautiful, but also strong enough to withstand the harsh weather of the Great Lakes coast.

“We have designed more than 300 marinas around the world utilizing nearly every type of decking material available, and Kebony stands out as one of the best,” said Greg Weykamp, Principal at Edgewater Resources. “Since installing nearly 12,000 square feet of Kebony decking two years ago at a public boardwalk and marina south of Chicago, not a single piece of Kebony has needed to be replaced for any reason. When compared to a recent 1,000-slip treated pine marina project that required 5 percent of the boards to be replaced in just six months, Kebony’s durability truly is unbeatable.”