Architects on Kebony Weathering



Kebony weathering refers to the natural aging process of Kebony wood, a modified softwood that undergoes a patented bio-based treatment to enhance its durability and performance. As Kebony wood is exposed to the elements over time, it undergoes a gradual weathering process that adds character and charm to its appearance. The initial deep brown color of Kebony wood matures into a silver-gray patina, giving it a distinguished and weathered aesthetic.

This transformation is a result of the wood fibers interacting with sunlight, moisture, and air, creating a unique and attractive surface that maintains its structural integrity. The weathering of Kebony not only contributes to its visual appeal but also showcases the wood’s ability to withstand outdoor conditions while maintaining its strength and resistance to decay. This natural aging process makes Kebony an ideal choice for outdoor applications, such as decking and cladding, where its beauty and durability can stand the test of time. This video highlights various architects discussing Kebony weathering and its benefits for their projects.